Si-fu TAM Hun-fan is the founder of the Wing Tsun Tam Hun Fan Martial-Art Association. The Association inherits the techniques of Wing Tsun Kung Fu taught by YIP Man the late Grand Master and promotes it throughout the world. The techniques consist of the following characteristics:
– Give Up the use of force;
– Deflecting (redirect) the on-coming force;
– Borrow and make use of the on-coming force to make rebounds;
– and Generate the force.

Currently, the Association has branches operated in Hong Kong, Auckland – New Zealand, Wellington – New Zealand and Singapore.

Siu-nim-tau form is the basic entry technique in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. Training provided by the Association includes Siu-nim-tau (Little Idea form); Chum-kiu (Arm-seeking form); Biu-tze (Thrusting fingers form); Chi-sau (Arm-clinging exercise), Muk-yan-chong-fa (Wooden Dummy Techniques); Luk-dim-boon-kwun (Six-&-a Half-point Long Pole Techniques); Bart-cham-dao-fa (Eight-Cutting Broadswords Techniques) and Free Fighting Techniques. Please browse the appropriate wed page for details.