【 Siu-nim-tau 】

Siu-nim-tau form is the fundamental training in Wing Tsun Kung Fu. The techniques look simple but all basic Wing Tsun techniques are hidden in the Siu-nim-tau. Major movements include; one Tan-sau (Palm-up arm) and three Fook-sau (Bridge-on arm); left, right, front and rear Gum-sau (Pinning-hand); Lan-sau (Bar-arm); Fak-sau (Whisking-arm); Jum-sau (Sinking-block) and Jut-sau (Jerk-hand) etc..

The characteristic of the Siu-nim-tau is that the whole form does not require to move one step. It concentrates on soft movement but generates Wing Tsun Kuen Fa (fist fighting method) and Cheung Fa (palm fighting method). Each technique possesses its own theory and usage. Practising Siu-nim-tau will enhance your concentration and natural respiration.

【 Chum-kiu 】

Chum-kiu (Arm-seeking form) is the intermediate technique of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. It is the second form following Siu-nim-tau (Little Idea form). The training allows the boxer to find the Kiu-sau (bridge-arm) of the opponent, neutralise the on-coming force and generate it into counter attack.

Therefore, many movements in Chum-kiu form were designed to protect the boxer. The Bong-sau (Wing-arm) is one of its major characteristic and it consists of Ju-sun Bong-sau (Sideling Wing-arm); Lower Bong-sau (Lower Wing-arm) and Stepping Bong-sau (Stepping Wing-arm) etc.. In addition to these techniques, Chum-kiu also includes the Wing Tsun Ma (Wing Tsun Stance), kicks and different punches. For example, the Side Thrusting Kick, Slant Thrusting Kick, Lifting and Thrusting Punches etc..

Chum-kiu highlighted the special features of Wing Tsun Kuen, it focuses on defence, speed, generate power in short distance, using kicks without excessive movement and even close quarter movements.